Thursday, October 22, 2009

A God Filled Day

God is so big
My mind is so little
What do I know of Holy?
God’s will can be such a riddle.

One day at a time, sunrise to sunset.
In my ignorance I strive to do my best.
I visit Him from my heart,
And pray for peace, thankful I am blessed.

I want to be of service.
“Well done” I hope He will say.
Today I take a step closer to Him
Oh how I need a God filled day.

There is a song that says "what do I know of Holy?" At first, I felt brought back into a place of awe. My first thought was - God is so much more than I could ever embrace with my little mind. What a heavy assignment we have, to find and do God’s will. Is it presumptuous of me to believe I could ever know what God’s will is? What do I know of Holy?

On the other hand, I must live by what I believe it to be. For me, I do this in 24 hour increments. Sunrise to sunset….waking up to laying back down. Asking for directions, praying for peace of mind, looking for ways to be of service, visiting with God - from my heart.

I want a God filled day, and to get that I must draw near to him.
I wish all of you a God filled day as well.

Peace to you all.....Ric