Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Dream Team Statement of Values

I have been on a journey to identify the core values that drive The Dream Team - a set of values that speak to who we are and that define what is important to us.  The following is The Dream Team Statement of Values.

We attract, develop and recognize exceptional people. You were selected because of your excellence in character.  Being on our roster is a testament to the kind of person you are, one defined by a good name, high principles and the best of intentions. 

We think independently, play our own game, take measured risk and play to win. We draw upon the competitive spirit at our core to inspire us and define what's possible.

We take ownership, act with integrity, and follow through on promises. Even when it's hard, we do the right thing. 

We learn the league rules and play by them, we call fouls on ourselves and don't cheat our opponent or try to take advantage.  If we win, we win fair and square. 

When we join the team we agree to show up and be on time.  If life gets in the way and we can't make it (as it will from  time to time), we make sure our teammates know that we will be out and have to miss.  This is the way we show our respect to our team, our teammates and friends.  With relationship comes responsibility.

We invest in our players for the long term.  We generously give of our time and talent to help our teammates learn the game and be supportive of their desire to be a better pool player.   We celebrate each rise in skill level.

We build enduring relationships be earning trust and respect.  We lean on each other.  We are a team, and we win together or fall together.  "We can survive the most difficult of circumstances if we are not forced to stand alone."

This is and exciting time for The Dream Team.  Ours is a team of a long standing 12 year tradition and together we can continue our ways to maintain and un-disputable reputation for excellence, achievement, integrity, value and respect. Thank you for your part in making this a reality.


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